Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sweet Memory

I wrote this a few days before the second one arrived into this world. I am glad I found it in the pages of a diary and as I reproduce it, I can't help but smile over and over again....
April 05, 2003.

She squeals in absolute delight. She stares at the screen, totally enthralled - wide eyed, jaws dropped open. Her giggles echo through the tiny darkened room.

It is my sprightly three year old; not in a cinema watching a cool new animated flick, not at home watching her favourite new-kid-on-the-block, Vivek Oberoi. She is watching the monitor of the ultrasound machine that is projecting pictures of her little unborn brother.

A pair of eyes, a mouth, hands, legs, fingers, toes, a steadily beating heart...she is soaking it all, under the expert guidance of the friendly doctor. The pictures are hazy...a lot of black and a little white, but so full of life!

"Mama, its Abhir!", she exclaims, eyes twinkling, as they travel from the monitor to me and back, savouring every glimpse.

We have named him Abhir; made aware of his sex as soon as the doctor could identify him. She has been waiting patiently, for the last eight months, to hold her little sibling; the little baby she hopes will share her room, her toys; and we hope, her joys and happinesses and her life.

And to think that we had the power to say NO to it all, like many couples these days do. More than one child sounds like hara kiri to many and the excuses range from being socially responsible citizens of the country (by not adding to the vast population), to the more practical - we can't afford one. Growing up with siblings has been a significant part of our lives, my hubby's and mine, and we wanted our first born to revel in the same feelings.

The time has almost come. We are almost there; nearing the days when his wails will ring in a new beginning in all our lives, especially our daughter's.

Tonite I will whisper a little prayer of gratitude to the Almighty for bestowing upon me the joys of parenthood. The look on her face that I saw today will be etched in my mind forever

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