Thursday, November 10, 2011

Joy of Giving - Week 8 - My experience

I refrained from running the washing machine for two whole days (imagine the pile of laundry post this!)... Took bath in cold water, and avoided a shower too... The weather in Pune doesn't need us to switch the AC on at night but even on those sweltering afternoons I was determined not to use it...

After this exercise for the Joy of Giving week 8 card, I observed the following:

1. I actually need to run my washing machine about 4-5 days a week only. On weekends I end up having a half load and I can thus avoid a run, saving water and electricity. Mental note: Need to follow this.

2. Taking a cold water bucket bath is the toughest thing for me to do. In my family, even at the peak of the Kerala summer, we have always taken a warm water bath, and that habit has stayed with me. However, I also realised it is just the chill of the first gush of water on the body. Once that's done, it becomes easier to continue. Mental note: Continue to take a bucket bath. Cold water as and when possible.

3. Air conditioning has spoilt me. Completely. I am averse to perspiring outdoors and I have to switch the car AC on the minute I sit in it. Thanks also to the high levels of pollution in Pune, I also feel compelled to keep the windows closed to keep out the dust and grime.

4. On the one hand, I do feel the urge to do my bit to for the environment, the heat and dust get the better of me and I succumb to pulling up the window and turning to the AC.

5.Getting the children to appreciate the value of 'hot' water and airconditioning has been tough. To them, these are taken for granted, much like the food thats put on the table. But I have succeeded. The daughter, who has to take a bath at 615 am on a school day and cannot possibly do it in bone-chilling cold water, has now begun remembering to switch the geyser 'off' after she is through. She has also learned that it's ok to sleep 'with the fan and without a quilt' rather than 'with AC and a quilt' just to help save the environment.

6. Every time I throw a milk sachet in to the dust bin I am reminded of how little I am ACTUALLY doing for the environment. These little initiatives are just baby steps. There is so much more I need to do.

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