Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Abhir!

It is 5 years today...5 years since Abhir came in to our lives, at 8 13 ( I saw the clock, so I KNOW)...

In 5 years, he has grown up so much into the lovable champ we hoped he would be ... (Its his Birthday today so I am NOT gonna utter a word about his fussiness over food, bed wetting, stubbornness etc etc)

5 years ago, we had hoped he would delay coming in to the real world by a few weeks, because he was severely under weight and frail in the womb. But nope...he was in a tearing hurry to see the world, and despite our best efforts, his sister held him in her arms on that night in a dimly lit corridor of the hospital.

5 years have been a roller coaster. In many ways, he is a typical boy, falling and bruising himself all the time, sometimes needing medical attention, sometimes a hug and a kiss and sometimes words "You are such a brave boy!"

He is a brave boy indeed. He has fought his childhood shortcomings and emerged victorious. I have written about it before. You can read it here.

After 5 years of constant struggle, he has triumphed over his insecurities and his health issues.

We are celebrating his Birthday on Saturday. I may not be able to send all of you an Invitation. But this party is open to all. It is in celebration of my son becoming an individual....and I want to share this joy with EVERYBODY!
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