Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Joy of Giving - Liquid Diet Chart

I have never fasted a single day in my life. Not even for Karwa Chauth (being honest even at the cost of being gawked at by the other 'pati-vrata strees')... First off, I never felt the need to...especially for religious reasons. Secondly, I know that most fasts just end up making you crave and eat more, either on the day you're breaking the fast (in religious fasts that is typically done with halwa floating in ghee) or the subsequent days. Thirdly, I never thought of curtailing myself from eating AT ALL for a whole day. I'd much rather just be selective about what I eat rather than not eat at all.

So when I picked this card two days ago, I thought I should read up on the "liquid" diet bit before I execute it.

My first concern was not 'how much weight I would lose!' but really what would be the healthiest way of sticking to this kind of diet, even for a day, without compromising on my energy levels and stamina. What I cannot compromise on under any circumstance are these two essential things in my life - they help me achieve all that I need to on any single day, and keep me from getting frustrated or impatient with life.

I did a substantial bit of reading and have drawn up the following chart I will follow for the day of my diet. Please feel free to follow it yourself if you do intend following this card.

My day begins at 545 am, but my first 'drink' is usually consumed around 630. So my diet chart begins at 6 30 am.

6 30 - Have my usual morning nectar - a combination of Pineapples and apples. A glassful. No sweetener or ice added.

8 00 - Milkshake with banana or apple. Banana would be essential for me as this would be followed by my regular 1.5 hour gym session. I will use skimmed milk powder.
Although I have been off all dairy products for the past 3 months or so, I included this shake as a morning energy booster because of my gym routine. Those who don't follow this can have a glass of tomato and carrot juice. Great for the skin too.

10 00 - A protein shake after workout. This is also part of my workout routine.

12 00 - A citrus juice would be great as a pre-lunch appetiser.

14 00 - I am planning to have a clear soup. Pressure cook carrots, beans, cauliflower, tomatoes and cucumbers with a little moong dal (for protein) in lots of water. Strain (without mashing), add a pinch of salt and crushed black pepper. And a drop of ghee. Very filling, nutritious and totally liquid.

16 00 - A lassi or buttermilk would be a great addition here. However, since I don't consume dairy products I will have coconut water, followed by half a glass of Amla juice in lukewarm water.

18 00 - Black herbal tea, with a dash of lime or honey. Iced-tea is also a good option. I will have a cup of green tea, without sugar. It is a good anti-oxidant too.

20 00 - Dinner will be either soup or a combination of vegetable juice - carrots, tomatoes, bottle gourd (lauki), and cucumbers.

22 00 - Since following this diet will deplete me of some energy I want to end the night with a protein shake to keep my stomach from rumbling and letting me sleep peacefully.

As I planned this diet I took precautions to avoid the following (which any of you planning to do their own version of the liquid diet must also follow):

1. Dairy products are best avoided because they can be difficult to digest. I have thus included just one shake in the first half of the day so that the body has an entire day to digest it.

2. Protein is a very essential nutrient for the body. When on a liquid diet, protein must be supplemented.

3. Apart from protein, vitamins and minerals found in fruit juices must also be included.

4. Caffeine and alcohol consumption is best avoided as these liquids tend to dehydrate the body.

5. Opening a can of juice is easy but the high amount of sugar in them may only end up escalating your hunger than dissipating it.

6. Essential fatty acids are equally important as they will help a great deal in absorbing the food and keep you from feeling hungry. Recall the drop of ghee in the soup.

7. Drink plenty of water through the day. Nothing detoxifies the body like the transparent liquid!

Tomorrow I follow Card number 21 for the Joy of Giving. Wish me luck!

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