Saturday, November 30, 2013

Backseat Coversation

We are driving to the sport's day in son's school. We have picked up two friends M and T. Both girls and the lad are seated behind while I drive.

Conversation 1:

Son: "Mom Im feeling very unsafe sitting between two girls."
M: "Why are you feeling unsafe? T is almost your cousin. She won't do anything to you!"
T: "Yeaaaahhh!"

Conversation 2 - as we reach the venue and slow down to park, son sees the girl of his dreams. T sees her too.

T: "Look A! There is her!!"
A: "Yeah, I can see her!"
M: "Thats so gross!"

Just another day in the lives of 10 year olds! Just another moment a mother ought to remember for the rest of her life!