Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Joy of Giving - Week 8 - Card 8

I am late! After a rather hectic Diwali break (which was spent largely barking at the children) it seemed as though it would take another two days to kick start life as I knew it! So here I am with another card.

Late, yes, but worth the wait :-)

This week the card is so do-able I am going to try and do this for at least three days; one each for the machines mentioned. Those with me, do raise your hand! :-)

As always I request all of you to send me your experiences any which way (comment on my post, write on a public forum - your own blog etc, email me...)...

To join the Joy of Giving just follow the cards every week and post your experiences in a public forum (or leave your story in the comment section of this blog). 

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