Friday, January 30, 2009

We really miss you at the dining table

A jumble of thoughts are running amok right now. So I am simply gonna type.

I am a reluctant cook. Someone who hates getting into the kitchen. Someone who can whip up a delightful fare, but so does not enjoy the process of doing it.

Needless to say, the more I run from it, the more it haunts me.

I hired a cook to get the chore off my back atleast for dinners. She went and broke her arm two weeks ago. So I am back, wagging the belan every evening...churning out meals for a family happy  to get 'good food' again. "I don't like maushi's rotis" claims the daughter. "My mama is the best cook-er" claims her brother earnestly.

Woe is me!

To top it all, the hubby takes off on a longish trip. And I'm left missing him a heck of a lot.

More so, coz here I am whipping up delicacies and there's no one to 'enjoy' them. No one to praise the cook or even give a kiss on tomato puree stained cheeks. No one to come to the kitchen and give a warm comforting hug. And no one who can wipe bowls clean and leave no left-overs!

My fridge is crammed. There is just so much food inside. Coz silly me does not know how to cook for less than four people! 

Hubby dear, do come home soon...else the fridge is gonna burst open will be responsbile for it!

Missss you.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Birthday reminisces

Today I thought was a good day to collect my thoughts.

35 is a good mark to do so I think. I have thus far lived half my life, if I were to consider the average mortality rate of our country for women. I have thus far experienced half of what makes me the human being I am. 

And what momentous joyous years these thirty five have been!

Marked by love and success; some heart break, but a lot of lessons; some sadness, but also a lot of joy; some failures, but also a lot of acceptance of who I really am....

My battles: As a teenager, wife, a new mother, a woman and most importantly as ME...

My joys: As a girl looking for a father figure, as a woman in love, as a mother, as a woman....

My failures and my successes.....

At 35 I am content.

I have a wonderful family, a life partner without whom this life would be meaningless, adorable and adoring kids, a soul mate who gives me wings to fly, a career that I have built from a scratch, with my hard work and determination, and a life that is wholesome and complete.

I wanted to thank all the wonderful people who make my life worth the joy it is...each and everyone who has influenced me with their love, support, unstinting faith and friendship.

I love all of you and THANK you for being who you are!

Saturday, January 17, 2009



You don't need an answer, because you don't know the question
You don't need a solution, you just need to bare your soul
You don't need for your heart to be fixed, you just need for it to heal by itself
You wish for a different YOU, but you would not want to barter THIS one too
You feel the need to take time out, and yet sometimes, when you can, you won't
You want to be 5 years old again, bruise a knee and have mom kiss your tears away
You are content to just do that for your 5 year old
Success revives your spirit, and sometimes, it just adds to your woes
You want to lie in your mom's arms and hug her till you feel content
You want that moment right NOW

Monday, January 12, 2009

Sign of the times

Five year old Abhir, my son and his five year old friend Vansh having an animated chat about the 'plan' for the evening:

Vansh: "We can go to my house. My mama will let us play video games."

Abhir: "I want to play Power ranger game on the laptop."

Vansh: "We can play power ranger game on the computer in my house. But we have to plug in the internet. I don't know how to plug the internet."

Abhir: "You don't have Google Chrome?" 

Vansh: "I have!"

Abhir: "Then we can play the game!"

Vansh: "Lets go!!!"

Phew!!! Internet? Plug in? Google Chrome? Surely, sign of the times...!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Asatya(m) Tale - A human tragedy

And the truth shall set us free. 

Perhaps what Ramalinga Raju thought when he penned his ignoble letter that revealed all, getting a load off his chest and forcing on 53,000 people (employees), and several lac investors a cross they were not ready to bear.

Hapless employees, a whopping 53,000 of them, each one an individual, a man or woman with families of their own, parents, siblings, spouses and children. If one were to take an average of 4 family members for each employee, its more than 2 lacs... 2 lac affected DIRECTLY by one man's greed.

Now consider the average dreams of each of these employees, ranging from chaiwallas to admin staff to engineers, management personnel etc... 

Each one with at least one on-going loan for, a new dream apartment, a car, a child's education, a daughter's marriage, a surgery, a family emergency... 

Consider their monthly expenses; insurance policies, investments, loans, school/college fees, travel, household (for food, clothing), medical expenses for dependents....

Consider the lapsing of policies, disappearance of savings, withdrawal from investments....

Now consider the implications of a salary package that may soon disappear....

Consider the recessionary environment and lack of good jobs out there for at least the next eighteen months...

Or consider a take-over which will result in job cuts and sheared pay packets to cut costs and reduce further losses.... 

Consider the death of 2 lac dreams....

And then, the real truth unfolds.

This scam is not just a scam; it is a human tragedy of mammoth proportions. 

Will Raju be able to get THIS load off his conscience?