Monday, September 5, 2011

Joy of Giving

Recently I attended a seminar by a NGO held to encourage other NGOs and organisations in the city to come together and celebrate the Joy of Giving week which is held from Oct 2-Oct 8.

As we left we were given a bag of goodies which among other things contained a pack of cards called Smile Decks. Each card contains a simple way to indulge in an act of kindness.

Acts of kindness do not have to be contained to one week in a year was my first thought. That is when I decided to make a sincere effort to implement the little acts of kindness mentioned in the cards.

If you believe so too, join me. I will scan one card each week (which makes this a one year project with 52 cards) and then share my experience of how it changed me, affected me or those around me. If possible I would also like to post pictures.

If you'd like to participate, here's what you need to do:

1. Follow the card for a week
2. Compile your thoughts and experience and post them on a public domain - My blog (comments section), your own blog, FB etc. Don't forget to tag me or write a comment to inform me where you've posted your experience!
3. Spread the word. Get more of your friends to participate.

This is my card for Week 1. I am starting with the deck that deals with 'Self'. The first place to begin. Our self.

All the best!

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