Sunday, September 18, 2011

Joy of Giving - Card 2 - Week 2 - Shalinie

My cousin sis Shalinie had written letters to both sets of grand parents in response to the Joy of Giving Week 2 card. Reading her straight-from-the-heart letters has made me want to write one to my mom too.

Dear friends,
making an attempt to recollect people who hv made a huge impact in my life and my way of saying thanx!

Writing this particular note is my 1st nd the most personal , emotionally charged up exp. for me...(ritu for u!!)
Dadu-Dadi, Nanu-Nani, what do i say...each have left an indelible mark on me..

(1) my chweet, petite, delicate Dadi or Ammaji was super indulgent, loving nd royal....regaled us with stories of plethora of hindu Gods with thier superpowers nd villainous Rakshas...oh my ..i wes transported/zapped...all the western superheros couldn'd hold a candle in front of desi heros!!!! immensely religious, i accompanied her to temples and had such fun lighting diyas!! i 2 am spritual nd love stories till date!

(2)  my Dadu was a smart, tall and a zamindar with the right attitde ..a champion tennis player...he was my 1st english teacher..v called him Baba Sahib as a mark of respect..a collector of unique articles...v would coerce him 2 show us his treasure..silver hookahs, wine holders with coolers .etc..their house was full of antiques of such beauty.....i hv inherited that taste of good things in life from him i guess!!

(3) my Nanu....a most unusual personality and as different from my Dadu as night and day.....a freedom fighter, highly patriotic... Staunch advocator of vedic way of life, yoga, pranayam at 4am nd rendering of shlokas with meanings, involved children (30 or more in vacations) in all of the above...that meant woken up even in hols!!..loved 2 take all of us to picnics did v have fun or what!!.....but he had a strong aversion to TV, movies as he felt it onnly pollutes mind ....(understand it now) nd threaten to remove cable if kids dont control their watching!!

(4) my Nani....sweet sweet sweet sweet and sweet!!!!!!
the most influential person in my life i would say....she is the most incredible, amazing person!!! completed her education after kids nd in between kids and with her kids!!!...not only did she supprt her husband in all he did but was with him all the way . Along with taking care of her kids, house ...she managed a string/ tsunami of relatives trooping in at all times of the day witha smile...a most gregarious person i still hv to find!!! She completed her doctorate in vedic studies that too in sanskrit when she was ...hold on...a Grandmother !!!
She's 2 perfect a cook..even at the age of ahem not revealing it as not polite..lets say 5th generation is on....her pickes r 2 die for...she makes th most amazing ayurvedic medicines for all who needs it ..(does all th hard work herself).. Baba Ramdev requested her to take up residence at his ashram as she has so much to offer to the society...
She educated Dalit girls....not by sitting in comforts of an office or her home....but trooped 2 thier villages on foot !!
Hang on...she's not all serious...she loooooves 2 laugh nd hv a wonderful sense of humour!!! She writes beautiful poetry/bhajans....1 every birthday of swami vivekananda...and hv a voice of an angle when she sings!!
I am truely blessed 2 hv her in my life ...she is in a gr8 way instrumental in the kind of person I am..her blessings hv been with me sooo much.....I met Amit at her house fr the 1st time nd she performed havan (namkaran) for both my sons...Amit is equally devoted 2 her as they r both kindered spirits!!

So I ensure...that I thank my grandparents my prayers for all thier love, blessings and moulding me in a big way!!!!

Phew a BiG note its turned out 2 b...but what was i 2 do ...they r all such big maharathi's!!!! )))
thier grateful nd loving granddaughter
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