Thursday, September 8, 2011

Joy of Giving - Week 1 - Day 1-3

It was tough at the beginning. "Tough NOT to criticise, tougher not to feel negative." So I wrote in my diary on day 1. I have sound reasons to crticise - my kids - for being irresponsible, myself for not remembering my teachers on Teacher's Day (phew! That too after such a spectacular re-union!), and some others who form part of my life. And yet, 'trying' not to do it, helped.

Day 2 was a tad better. "Bit my tongue a few times. Actually avoided negative people! Wrote a positive blog post" I had noted. I also noted how thinking positive had actually increased my productivity. I worked hard, took plenty of short breaks to lie in bed and watch the rain outside my window or read a piece of fiction that I was nudging to finish. Not once did I feel overwhelmed by the work I had to accomplish in a single day. Daughter joined me on one of the soirees and we had a lot of fun talking. I made them snacks, attended to their HW and STILL managed to finish my work for the day!

By day 3, I was joyous for most part of the day, without any reason..Things happened to me that left me elated. Although I had to bite my tongue from reprimanding my kids (mostly for being irresponsible) for some reason they went the mile for me (daughter did her HW and son ate his meal!) Inspired my brother to join Joy of Giving and experience the fruits. Went through a whole set of realisations.

Here they are:

1. Almost every one I know who is battling a personal or professional dilemma needs to go through this exercise. As I explained to my brother, it doesn't have to be every single day, every single moment. But the more you "try" to do it, the easier it becomes.

2. Trying NOT to be critical or negative made me more aware of those thoughts and feelings. I could in three days, pin down most of what makes me critical of others or myself and all the negative emotions that surge within me. Once the realisation set in, it became easier to avoid the negativity.

3. Incidents that would otherwise have made me upset or angry, didn't seem to affect me any more. I was trying for most part of the day to contact the CEO of a cantonment board and kept getting either a busy tone on the phone or the secretary of the lady who said she was unavailable. Even though I was a bit persistent, what I didn't do is throw my weight around as a reporter as I would normally have done. It worked! In a FIRST ever in my career, I actually received a call from the office of the CEO in the evening! What had changed was my 'attitude' towards the situation!

4. Positive incidents also occurred. In as many years as I've lived in this city, I've never had a courier guy call me to say that my door is locked and he doesn't know where to drop the courier off. Usually they leave a 'Missed you' note that most often than not, expects us to go pick the parcel from their collection office. This call was a pleasant surprise and after I requested him to drop it off a friend's place, he agreed, which is also quite rare. The best part of all, it was a birthday gift for my daughter from my sister-in-law and brother!

At the end of Day 3, here's what I wrote, "If this is what happens in just 3 days, I cannot wait to feel the impact of 7 days on me, and those around me!"

Three cheers to that!

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