Sunday, September 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Oorja

I have written a post on this day almost every single year ever since I started this blog in 2003. Last year, a few tumultuous incidents in my life made me miss it. But I am back, wishing my first born a very Happy Birthday!

Twelve years old today, and as per my clock, already born...(at this time, I was consuming my first bowl of 'pure ghee' blended with a few essential ingredients to help in the healing process after a natural birth - I am still trying to shed that fat)....lying serenely next to me, bundled in a swaddle that my darling nani (maternal gran'ma) had painstakingly sewn at age 74, as my family gathered to watch this tiny being...

And it was on that very day that the cycle of comparisons began. Who does she look like? Whose 'colour' does she have? Whose nose and whose lips? etc etc.... Inspite of the inner turmoil I felt (although I did feel happy that many of them thought she looked like me, including my hubby), a very very hilarious conversation ensued that I will encapsulate verbatim:

My husband called his parents to inform them of the arrival of their grand daughter. The conversation went like this:

Hubby: "She is healthy. Born at 330 pm...Her weight is 2.6 kgs"
Father-in-law (FIL): "Okay good. Whom does she look like?"
Hubby: "She is very sweet (gushing)... She is very pink and fair... She looks like Ritu's family...same colour..."
FIL: "Why? Everyone in our family is also fair - amma is fair, your sisters are fair, you are fair..."

Thus ended the conversation! Hubby could, obviously, NOT argue with that logic...

To this day, when we are confronted by a situation where we feel one of his family members has been 'unfair' we pull his leg and say, "No one in his family is unfair. His dad said they're all fair..."

And to this day, every time I meet his sisters or father, I smile inwardly remembering that conversation....

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