Monday, September 12, 2011

Joy of Giving Week 1

We finally DID it! Completed one week of the card that wanted us to NOT criticise or think negative for a week.

There were many learnings through the week, although I did succumb to some criticism on the last day... In recognition of the fact that I am only human, I won't beat myself over it. Suffice it to say that as long as I kept the promise, I was a much happier and calmer person.

I was also through the week, reminded of something I was taught in a workshop that had a great impact on my life - that emotions are not negative or positive, they're just emotions. Its how we deal with them that has a positive or negative effect. They told us that 'jealousy' could become a positive emotion if it leads us to do something positive in our lives!

I tried not to be 'negative' with the kids but also realised that by telling them what they needed to do (imparting necessary values) I would end up 'sounding' negative. So I changed the way I spoke and put things across to them. Instead of a "Don't", "No", "Not", I used positive reinforcement and it worked wonders!

I know a lot of you who joined me last Monday were either unable to keep up, and/or dropped it mid-way. To you all I can say is, it doesn't matter whether you tried for one day or one week. What matters is if you had your moments of 'realisation' and 'introspection'. If you did, then you too can make this work!

Step by step, bit by bit, stone by stone, brick by brick (borrowed from Whitney Houston)...

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