Monday, September 19, 2011

Joy of Giving - Card 2 - Week 2 - Agnes

Agnes, my dear dear friend has joined us in the Joy of Giving with this thank you letter to her mother. 

My dear Ma'

Today when I look back at the difficult young child, troublesome teenager and ambitious youngster that I have been the only one person I can remember who has had to put up with most of my antics, is you.

It is because of you that I became who I am today.

All the tough love that you gave (that which I did not understand then) made me a much better person, pushed me on, making me more determined than ever. Your strict disciplining had made me wish many a times to run away, but today I realize the value of that strictness, of honour, dignity and self respect.

I have even learnt from your mistakes and I hope to be better understanding, patient and forgiving towards others.
Your fiery nature and determination has driven and inspired all of us to get wherever we have. You fought and strived to give us the best of education, without your sacrifices we would have been nowhere.

Most of your life was spent, so that our future would be secure. You took care of not only of me and my siblings but also your own, supporting them in every possible way. There is no neighbour from the numerous places that we have lived at, that you have not helped. Every one regards and remembers you fondly.

You taught me to share, there was never a morsel that when down without being shared among all of us. You invented savories out of meager ingredients available at home. Our times were difficult then, but we were always happy.  Our home was filled with laughter and singing. The only fairy tales that I remember were the ones that you told us. The designer clothes that you used to painstakingly hand stitch for all of us for every birthday and Christmas were outstanding. Only that I never realized it then.

Today if I am almost a jack of all trades, a decent cook, seamstress and home maker it all comes from you. Whenever anyone appreciates or compliments me for being a wonderful hostess, more so when my mother-in-law compliments me, my pride knows no limits because I know it was your upbringing that earned me her appreciations.

You never got gifts or went for movies or parties but you made sure that no matter how tough the situation was, you held the family together. You were so selfless and put us all before yourself. 

I am grateful to you Ma’, I just can’t thank you enough...
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