Sunday, March 8, 2009

Is 8th March a landmark day for you?

I open the bunch of newspapers in the morning and splashed all over are International Women's Day stories. Are women safe? Do women in India have it all or is all this talk of equality etc a mere illusion? Inspiring stories of women achievers adorn the pages. Working women, non-working women, women with opinions, women with dreams.... I pour over the papers, read what some interesting and articulate women have to say.... 

Then I get up and go to the kitchen to whip up breakfast for the family. Discuss lunch plans with the hubby. He wants to take me out for a Play in the evening...there are two good ones showing in the city. But we discuss the practical difficulties (the children can't come and the plays are not meant for them; we have no one to baby sit them.) We may go out for dinner (which I am not so keen about since I want to avoid liquor and outside food for health reasons). We may just end up spending the sunday, like any other sunday: tidying up a bit, cooking a lot, checking emails, and maybe lazing in the afternoon.

So much for an International Women's Day celebration...a day that is supposed to...I don't know...light up my life, make others around me appreciate me more, make me appreciate women around me more, allow me the liberty to take time off household chores, hang out with friends???? 

But what if I can do all this and more the other 364 days a year? How can one day signify or change what I am and what people should expect out of me? How much does this ONE day matter?

Is 8th March really such a landmark day for you?

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