Monday, March 9, 2009

The darkness within

The cursor blinks
and blinks and blinks
refusing to budge, move forward
It is vegetating
just sitting there
doing little else 
like me

Fingers move but words...
they're lost
they're lost too
The wandering mind 
the weary soul
go back and forth
past and present
with periodic precision
like the cursor
that just blinks
and blinks and blinks

It can't think or dream
ponder or reminiscence
desire or deviate
it just waits...
patiently, silently
waits for words
that mean something
to somebody
words that express, that speak
that light a fire
that quell the darkness
that surrender like the waterfall
that can change the world....

The to-do list grows longer 
the will goes weaker 
the darkness within overpowers
the end is not near
coz somewhere in the throes of this despair
it still waits
and blinks
and blinks and blinks....

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