Thursday, March 12, 2009

All for a charitable cause

He was articulate. A lot better than all those fumbling youngsters who ring a door bell in the middle of the afternoon, claiming to be Management Trainees representing a charitable organisation; looking for a few minutes of our precious time to update us on their good work, seeking (quite obviously) our 'help'. 

Most times I hear these people patiently, offer them a glass of water and usually end up giving them a cheque. I mentioned in a TAG previously that I cannot say NO to a charity. Me thinks this news has spread across the neighbourhood and there has been a sudden deluge of 'volunteers' seeking such 'help'. 

A few weeks ago I was forced to turn down a well meaning woman simply because she wanted me to shell out more than the 'reasonable' amount I was offering. I didn't quite like her tactic and politely asked her to leave. When she didn't, I woke hubby who was napping on a sunday afternoon, and asked him to show the good lady out. 

Anyways, here I was getting prepared to leave home on an important errand in the sweltering heat of the afternoon, when the door bell rang and there stood this...this...Greek God.

Tall, as good looking as they come...what got me was the way he spoke. Literally took my breath away. Quite simply, he has now raised the bar for such volunteers. 

Anyway, he came in and sat down and took me through the motions. Claimed he is an Engineer and does this simply as a volunteer (a ploy I didn't quite buy). Anyway, as is the norm, he got me to sign a cheque for an 'unmentionable' amount. No pressure. (I really think the charity is doing a GOOD job ;-)). I volunteered.

I wonder what it was. My present state of mind, wherein this simple interaction made me forget my burdens for a while? I have something for PYTs...?...(its wrong to classify him so, but heck he was!!) Or was it the ease with which we formed an instant connection (he is the son of an Army officer and he loves Delhi too)? Or his simple and extremely friendly manner? Or his total and absolute charm?

Ah! Who cares. The cheque should be in the Bank for clearance soon and although hubby darling is having second thoughts about it (wonder why), I am feeling a lot better than I have in the last couple of days. It was totally worth it!!!

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