Thursday, February 5, 2009

Talibanistic persecution of Indian Women

They've begun threatening again. And quite frankly, we are FED up now.

Suddenly a section of self-righteous, we-are-protecting-the-culture-of-India, moral policing individuals who (it is quite evident) have nothing better to do have begun deciding where Indian women (I use this blanket term and include females of all ages) should go for their leisure, entertainment or heck, even an evening of relaxation.

It started with wearing skirts in colleges (in certain Mumbai colleges); Went on to jeans (remember the Lady Shri Ram College, New Delhi controversy?) Now it is our presence in pubs they find offensive. What's next? 

Should I cover my arms when I go to the cinema? Or how about covering my head when guests come home? (Ok..I admit, a bit far fetched, but considering the manner in which they are encroaching upon a woman's personal space, choice etc, how long before they start dictating what we should wear at home too?... Our very own Indian Taliban?)

Because it is clear to every woman in this Nation that this persecution is not going to end here. This is a habit these handful individuals with 'high' moral values have developed: Target women, find the perfect pretext to molest them in public (these despicable individuals get ther perverse pleasure out of molesting unsuspecting girls) and then claim "We are the torch bearers of the Indian culture and tradition."

How ironical!!!!

These same men won't perhaps think twice before pinching the bottom of a girl in a school uniform on public transportation (as young as 10 years old), making her cringe with shame and anger; or squeezing the boobs of a school girl, or running their fingers up her school uniform or down her back...or staring at a girl out to enjoy an evening at the Cinema with her parents, or pass lewd comments about her (just for fun).....subjecting her to a cycle of humiliation she will endure for the rest of her life. Molestation and eve-teasing can be as agonising as rape. Did men know that?

I have a growing daughter and as a mother I fear for her every minute she is out of my sight. Because I KNOW she will endure this at some point in her life.

Will the moral brigade come protect these innocent girls, who are victims of such atrocities, while they travel to schools and colleges or their work places? Or hang out with their families at the beach, the park, cinema or the mall????

Clearly, the answer is an astounding NO. They won't. They will pretend to stand on a high ground and look down upon women who are simply LIVING!

Hypocrisy at its horrific best! 

While law makers, law enforcers and the like conveniently look the other way, women continue to suffer the ignominies of such dastardly acts, because somewhere deep inside, everyone is happy that women are 'being shown their place in society'. "Don't try to be equal to us" they seem to be screaming silently. (Else, they would ban boys from pubs and discos, or prohibit them from wearing jeans to college or saunter out of their homes in shorts on an early morning 'milk buying' errand too)

So we've been given prior warning. Stay within your 'cultural' limits or Valentine's Day will see more mayhem. 


I go to pubs. I enjoy drinking. I enjoy dancing. I wear jeans and skirts. I LIVE! So come get me. I dare you!

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