Monday, February 9, 2009

25 Random Things about Me - A Tag

I've already posted this tag on FB. Pretty Woman tagged me. Thanks a ton!  

1. I wasn't goal oriented until a few hours ago. Doesn't say a lot about me, but I have always 'gone with the flow'  

2. I allow people I love to take me for granted  

3. I cannot stand injustice of any kind. Even a simple issue like being charged Rs 5 extra for a parking slot gets my goat.. Not coz of the money, but coz 'How can they?'  

4. Until a few years ago, my fervour to fight against the 'system' or any 'injustice' (I know it sounds repetitive) used to embarass my hubby a LOT. Now he has merely learned to accept it as part of the package :-)  

5. I think most men in Kerala are perverts...especially the ones who travel in public transportation and think lil girls just 'ought ' to be fingered  

6. I am a big one for nostalgia: I miss my school days, my college days, my newly-wed days, our days in Vizag and Delhi...  

7. I can work hard..real hard and can laze real hard too  

8. I am scared of letting my daughter grow up in this big bad world  

9. I hate hypocrisy of any kind  

10. I haven't had a good night's sleep for AGES..  

11. I worry about my inability to lose weight...a lot  

12. I think leaving the Navy was Harish's best and boldest decision (apart of course, from marrying me)  

13. I love giving gifts, especially when people least expect it... For ex. The last time I was in a toy store buying a gift for one of the birthdays my children had to attend, I bought a red car for my neighbour's son just coz he likes red cars. The look on his face when I gave it to him was PRICELESS  

14. I don't fret over my kids' marks. I think they are smart and intelligent and will succeed regardless of academic excellence  

15. I am surrounded by ladies who 'fast' regularly, or do several poojas a month etc. Sometimes I am concerned about my own lack of such 'faith'...but most times, I think they just want attention

16. My hair is falling terribly and for the fear of losing the mane, I have switched to washing my hair in bottled water. The guy who delivers the 20 litre can is amused that he pours the water into a bucket!!!  

17. I feel bad for the struggle my parents and brother are enduring for no fault of theirs  

18. If I had a magic wand, I would give each homeless and abandoned child a home  

19. I want to adopt a baby. Soon.  

20. My daughter wants a dog. Her brother wants a baby. The hubby prefers dog over baby. Actually, Im not so sure!  

21. We've seen some real hard times financially. The abundance of it makes me feel 'safe' in a way  

22. I hate cooking  

23. I can't say NO to a charity  

24. I enjoy friends...even those who bitch behind my back :-)  

25. I wish God had granted me a whacky sense of humour like my mom's

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