Friday, February 6, 2009

It's raining AWARDS!

Suddenly my kids are winning awards left, right and centre!

Oorja won the First Prize in a Drawing Competition last Sunday. She painted a beggar who was being given gifts by a young girl while a crowd of people stood nearby and watched. The painting was not handed to us, so I could not take a picture of it.

Abhir won a race at School on his Annual Sports Day. He came home gleaming and excited! He is gonna get a certificate for it, his first!!!

Oorja stood fifth in a State Level Abacus examination conducted by the center she goes to, from amongst hundreds of children!  She got a trophy for it and as one can only imagine, she is thrilled to bits. I remember, before she went into the examination hall she was nervous and kept saying "Im scared mom.." I assured her that she had to go in and do her best. Thats all. And she did it!  

I am so happy and proud all at once :-D

The best part is, even though we encourage both of them to do what they'd like to, there is no pressure on them to 'stand first' or 'win a prize' or such. We are simply the drivers: we take them to their classes, help them when needed and give them words of encouragement and support.

I am no expert on parenting but I am assuming that they are excelling because they are not under any stress to perform to 'please' us. They 'enjoy' what they do, and the joy of doing it makes them good at it. 

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