Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Joy of Giving - Card 17 - Abhilash

Young Abhilash has written about his experience with the Joy of Giving Card 17. It is so heartening to read a teenager taking the effort to follow the cards, even as his Board exams are round the corner!

Abhilash, I don't want your folks to give me a lashing. So buddy, please study hard and get back to the cards once you're done with your duty as a student! All the bestest!!!!

An experience i haven't had in a while- Coorg.

Once again, the title says it all. I had been to coorg last week( bunked school!) with my relatives. Needless to say, adventure was on my mind. Misty hills, cool streams, forests teeming with wildlife filled my mind. So, i set out last Sunday with my family to a two-day sojourn across the "Scotland of India". the journey was pretty much as i had expected-without the wildlife, which really left me in the dumps. However,remembering my friend Ritu aunty's post,the joy of giving-card 17, we headed out to the Buddhist temple not very far from coorg while coming back to Bangalore. Once inside the compound, i drew away from my family and went inside the temple on my own.there were awesome paintings all over the place.And once i went inside the temple,the sight of Buddha took me by storm. The peace and silence in the temple really calmed my mind! needless to say, this is one place i have to go to on my own, again!(Finally reading the joy of giving properly.) i will upload the pictures soon....
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