Monday, January 16, 2012

Joy of Giving - Card 16 - Rahmath

Unable to get into a workout regimen? Read Rahmath's post in response to the Joy of Giving Card 16. Walking with her husband every day has helped her in maintaining a workout routine AND given her the added bonus - spending more time with her better half! Now that would be a good reason for many to take up walking... :-)

Isn't walking a kind of Aerobic Exercise? If so hurray for me. I have done this. Actually the sunday just before Ritu uploaded this card ,i and my hubby had stared walking as a beginning exercise. Have you heard of 10000 steps a day Project. Well could you please Google it. I am feeling a bit lazy rt now. Anyhow 10000 steps seemed a bit too much to start. But, I got a pdf from the internet which gave me a "12 week beginner schedule" for walking. And I and hubby have been following the schedule for 13 days now.

Walking has helped me be a bit more active this winter. Not to mention how great i feel after the walk. It's a great time to talk about anything and everything under the sky with hubby. Those 15+ minutes are exclusively for us.No office, No computer, No Newspaper, No house work. Just us...Added Bonus.

Ritu had posted her experience and has inspired me to take a more strenuous routine. Maybe we will do it. Soon... But let's see how effective walking is first. Maybe I can start an additional routine twice thrice a week. That should work rt?
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