Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Prez Patil in a soup. Or is she?

They're calling it a "gigantic embarrassment" - the fact that the honourable President's husband has been apparently found guilty of grabbing 2 acres of land from a hapless farmer in Amravati, Maharashtra. But isn't it more than that?

The Rashtrapati Bhavan has conveniently declined to comment on the issue merely stating that the President's husband is a private (not common though) citizen and does not enjoy any special privileges.

The immediate thoughts that arise:

1. Would the political fraternity of this country demand that the President step down "on moral grounds" as is so often demanded off others in high offices who commit similarly serious or worse crimes?

2. Will this issue be brushed under the carpet by the very capable media of our country (since it is just an order by a Sub Div Officer and c'mon, it was only 2 acres of land!!!) who conducted an extensive (and perhaps justified) campaign to bring the Sukna Land Scam accused from the Indian Army to their nadir... while there are no follow ups/investigations/campaign for the Madhu Koda scam that runs into a whopping 4000 crores (of a State like Jharkhand where the amount allegedly plundered was the budget for the State a few years ago)?

3. Accountability is at its lowest in the political arena. And that seems to have become the watch word for Y2K. You can do any damn thing and get away with it. Look at the Thackerays in Mumbai, Sharad Pawar (his gross mismanagement of sugar prices), Koda, Mayawati.....

4. Trials by media seem to have become our (the common citizen's) only path to justice. Except that the media chooses to blow up issues that mean good TRPs (trials for murder/rape/molestation victims). So in all likelihood, the honourable President's husband will get away with this. Our (ir)responsible media will condemn for a few minutes of air time, but will look the other way tomorrow.

5. I doff my hat to Bansod, the farmer who stood his ground and got his land back from the powerful first family of the country.
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