Monday, February 15, 2010

Thank you. Forever.

I chose Valentine's Day to pack a bag and go visit my ailing mom. And I didn't have to think twice.

Often I've heard my lady friends lamenting that they can't take time off from their families even for emergencies. Because their husbands can't look after the kids/home/cooking/homework etc by themselves. They feel lost without their better halves ( which I feel is an excuse to shirk responsibility).

Or have heard out anxious friends who make compulsive trips out of town due to work - "I hope he is getting the house swept everyday..."

And I.. I can go attend a wedding in Delhi for three-four days content in the knowledge that Harish will not only look after the kids and their needs, he will also look after the home, the maid, the veggie shopping - indeed everything that would constitute running an efficient household. I return to a home as clean and organised as I'd left it.

And he will do it well.

So well that the kids often miss me but not in the cranky irritated way that spells "When are you coming back? We don't want to be in charge of dad anymore!!" but in a happy way - "We miss you mom. Come back soon and get this, this and this for us!"

I have often taken off on trips that were not for business alone. I've dropped in to meet my parents or chill at a cousin's wedding - without fear, guilt or anxiety.

And I could not have done ANY of this without his love and support and the faith Harish has inspired in me for him.

I know he will hold fort even if Abhir has a fall and needs stitches on his chin while I'm in Delhi.

He will cook an excellent Saturday afternoon meal for our children and the neighbouring children who often drop by to dine with us, with enthusiasm, even as he negotiates a business deal with the Europeans while frying pooris!

He will drive them to their classes, help them with home-work and be there for them despite his own hectic schedule.

I have learned from Harish that handling a home can be easy even for a guy. All they have to do is try!

You could ask me, "Is it Dove?" And I will say, "No. Its love!"

It is love that makes him want to do things for us - our home, our kids, our lives!

This Valentine's Day I wish my girl/lady friends as much luck in love as I've had for the past 16 years.

Thank you my love. Forever.
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