Saturday, February 13, 2010

German Bakery

I never got very friendly with him. In fact I don't even know his name. But his smiling face hasn't gotten out of my head since the news of the blast in German Bakery.

He is a waiter who often cleaned up tables at the bakery. He is especially fond of Abhir.

When I walked in to the bakery last morning he wished me and ruffled Abhir's hair asking him "How are you champ?"

After the news of the blast, Abhir asked me if 'that uncle' is also dead.

This blast tonite is just too close to home.

Our favourite hangout, where my children have freaked out on the Tiramisu, Doughnuts, Mushroom Omlettes, Soya Cheese slices and the most awesome ginger-lemon tea.

But when we move beyond the obvious gastronomic attractions of this popular bakery in Pune's 'happening' Koregaon Park area, this is a shocker for us.

I am hoping that the people I have known working there are safe. My prayers with the dead and injured.
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