Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hamlet - The Clown Prince by Rajat Kapoor

Could Hamlet the great tragedy by Shakespeare ever be made funny?

Oh yes!

Hamlet - The Clown Prince staged at Nehru Memorial Hall today was outrageously hilarious. Not a spoof mind you, but a real comedy that reached out to the audience through rib tickling REAL humour, situational and contrived.

In Rajat Kapoor's masterful production, the play is staged by a company of clowns. Mind you - there is no slap stick here at all... Clowns like the ones we have seen in circuses are passe here.

These clowns have a great sense of humour, lovely singing voices, exceptional diction and of course, stupendous acting skills.

The play is muttered in a smattering of English and a gibberish that sounds a lot like Italian. It takes a few moments to separate the gibberish from words that mean something to the play but soon, we become adept at it.

The original Hamlet is virtually run through with the characters playing a few important scenes, interspersing their version of Hamlet with hilarious digressions about humanity, human life, work, children, sex etc.

I especially freaked out on the actor who played Hamlet's father, step father and his father's ghost. His version of Hakuna Matata from the Lion King, and the moonwalk were outrageously funny. Where did Rajat get such a talented bunch from???

All in all, an awesome play that made me wish I could've sat through the second show as well. However, I've promised myself I will catch it next time it's playing in my neighbourhood.

Hats off to the cast, the director and playwright. Awesome production and must watch!
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