Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Joy of Giving - Card 14 experience

My friend and a supporter of this blog Just Someone has written the following about his experience with card 14. So inspiring! I am taking a cue from him and even though I cannot stop my mind from wavering (even during Yog Nidra), I am going to try and focus on happy thoughts for 15 minutes a day!

Hi I have been trying to do this almost everyday and found out that this helps.
Since it was ( still - is ) not possible to control the wavering thoughts totally, I decided that I would let my mind drift - on thoughts,people,incidents that makes/made me happy.I realised
1.that troubles always are more forceful in invading your mind than happy thoughts.
2.That with some effort it was possible to focus my mind on what made me happy... what i enjoyed...to think of the people whom i loved being with...to think of someone's smile... ( and yeah I need to add that sex was also a thought which helped me focus in one of the sessions :-) )
I love this card... and am trying to make it a part of my day
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