Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Find Yourself

Find Yourself

a random day to enjoy
the pouring rain, sipping chai
biting into a khaari on a highway
close to your heart

a morning so inspiring as
the Sun's rays filter down
from its celestial abode
pink and blue and grey

huddled close to a fire on a cold
winter night, that flushes freezing
cheeks and noses and ears under monkey caps
to a red warmth

a terrace that you can climb, spread
a blanket of comfort, lying and gazing
at the twinkling sky, watching the stars
and nothing else

a soul you can sleep contentedly with
holding hands under the quilt
or kissing when you stir from a dream
blissfully "one"

a reason to smile joyously
for no reason at all...

Find "yourself"
for life can keep moving
events passing you by
halting for no one...

until one day
someone you love
dies and
you die with them....

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