Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Joy of Giving - Updates

I have been trying my very best to follow all the Joy of Giving cards that I post here (recently with increasing irregularity - a condition I am hoping to change soon). I thought that a short update was due since the last experience I wrote about was for Card 25 after which we've been through 4 more cards.

So here goes:

Card 26 -  This was a tough one for me. I read the card and pondered over it for more than a week realising that I am not really "attached" to material things. I feel sad when I lose something or something I use has got spoilt (just because I will have to buy another one) but I am not really fixated or attached to any sort of possessions. I don't have a favourite footwear, or lipstick (like some friends I know do), or a favourite outfit, piece of jewellery... Infact, I have the habit of saying "favourite" for everything I have... Eventually I gave something away that was perhaps "one" of my favourite things...a set of CDs to someone who I know would appreciate them too. And strangely I don't miss it. At all.

Card 27 - This one was accomplished quite simply, when on a trip to Bhutan, I travelled by public transportation in Kolkata instead of opting for the comfort of a taxi (and I must add that the bus was very comfortable too!)... Recently after dropping my kids at school, I gave away the saved money to a speech & hearing impaired person at a traffic signal.
Card 28NOT an easy card for most of us. I did eventually give a JKJ to the sweeper in my building and she was shocked and shy, all at the same time. Now she smiles ear to ear whenever she sees me... :-D

Card 29  - I did get the opportunity to offer my seat to a stranger - an elderly lady on the shuttle bus from the departure lounge to the aircraft in Hyderabad recently, travelling with too many handbags. This is a card I follow every time I travel. I prefer giving my seat away to a woman with a baby/small child, an elderly gentleman or lady... Often I cannot fathom why an able man or woman won't vacate their seat for those who need it - be it on a bus or the Metro. Doesn't hurt and costs nothing. Showing kindness is not THAT easy I guess. Which is why the Joy of Giving means so much to me... 
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