Monday, April 23, 2012

Joy of Giving - Card 30 experience

So this is what they call "hitting two birds with one stone"!

I wanted to give my maid a paid day off as the 30th Joy of Giving card suggested during the week gone by. From Monday to Thursday, courtesy the fact that I was dropping my children off to a new school 20 kms away every morning and would go house hunting after that (I am planning to move locations within Pune) I would miss the maid. She has had a key to my home since I employed her about a year ago and she'd be gone by the time I'd get back home.

On Saturday however, the grand plan of this confusion came to light.

A friend, who lives one floor below me called to talk about something when I mentioned to her that I am moving homes. She said she has been looking for a maid for almost a month and asked me to send my good lady over to her place on Sunday.

Grabbing this as the best opportunity to follow the card I called my lady and asked her to go to this friend's place, instead of mine on Sunday. I would be giving her a paid day off and the new opening would help her fill the time slot which would fall vacant once I leave.

When I told my friend later that evening about it, she added to the 'joy of giving' saying that following this card also gave her happiness!

One card - three happy people!!! Can't get better than this, can it???

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