Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Abhir

When you were just a baby, tiny and frail
I'd shed tears watching your travails

In one year you turned the tables around
As I spent one sleepless night after another cradling you as you howled

The terrible twos I thought would change the tide
But you traded a sleep pattern for "I love to cling to my mother and whine"..

At three you began hugging us but wiping away your cheeks when kissed
By four you discovered that cuddling was something you'd missed

At five your struggles found a new name - some call it dyslexia, some LD
We geared up for the battle as you struggled with your As and Zs

Six was a milestone year as you began opening up to friends
By seven you were a pro at social interactions

At eight we were elated to find that you had begun reading and enjoying it
And you began bowling us over with your intelligence, warmth and wit

At nine, my dear son, who I call "buddy boy"
You've beaten the odds and given us unsurmountable joy
You express yourself in words and actions
Your hugs, kisses and I love you's are miracles I bask in

As I wish you a Happy Birthday today, again, meri jaan
I can't help but marvel at the journey so far
And ask me if I'd change anything in the nine gone by
I'd say "No, I will do it in very much the same way, all over again..."
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