Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pink is the new kinda lingo

I went to buy running shoes the other day as a reward for gymming success (read: inch loss that shows). At both stores (Nike and Adidas), I tried on a few pairs. When I zeroed down on a particularly comfortable pair, and asked the sales guys if they had colours, they immediately chipped in, "Yes Madam. We have pink."

I was offended - to say the least.

"I am a 'nearing her forties' woman, do I look like I would hold any fascination for the bubble gummy-sweet-sticky-candy flossy-PINK meant for teenagers????" I wanted to scream.

If anything else, pink reminds me of Barbie dolls (and I detest them - they cost an arm and a leg and look hideous unclothed, not to mention the wrong ideas those hour glass figures give young girls about 'perfect' bodies....)

And suddenly actually pink is all around. From mobiles to hand bags, pink is just everywhere.

It's not like I loathe pink. In my wardrobe amongst the whites and blacks I wear the most, are more pinks than I can count (especially Indian wear). I also wear pink lip gloss, love my Chambor pink shimmer nail paint and I love Aerosmith's song - Pink is my favourite colour!!! The gloves I wear in the gym are also pink!

But pink gym shoes?????.......... They would look something like this....

All I could say was "eeeww...."

Finally I bought me self a pair of drool worthy Nike....and yes, you guessed it right - they are not pink.
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