Friday, November 12, 2010

Can I have the Super Woman Award now?

A few days ago, daughter and I were going for a haircut. It was a bright sunny morning after a spell of incessant rain, Madonna was playing on the stereo and we were generally chirpy and happy.

I had re-joined a gym after a hiatus and was also feeling wonderfully 'toned' (the reality however is far from what I was feeling)... Anyway, my daughter darling notices the slight bulges on my arms (Yes! They are muscles, visible only to the keen eye) and exclaims, "Mama, wow, you have muscles!"

"Yes, small muscles" I murmur, flexing them (inadvertently of course).

"Thank God!" she says.... "Now I feel safe with you."

So gentlefolk of the world, after having proven my utility as mom, cook, part-time cleaner, tutor, nurse and the frill-earner (working when I can get off the other responsibilities), now I am a strong contender for the Super Woman Award for also having a body capable enough to protect my children!

Can I have it already????!!!!
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