Monday, November 29, 2010

Aware at 11

From shampoo....

Mom (after having given her an anti-dandruff shampoo): "Did you wash your hair with H & S?"

Daughter: "Yes!"

Mom: "So...Is there a difference?"

Daughter: "Mom! If shampoos worked in one wash, these companies would be selling only 1 Re sachets, not big big bottles!"

Mom: "!!!!" items

Daughter notices cigarette packet in the car. Picks up. Has never seen one at such close quarters (thanks to the No Smoking rule in my house)

Says: "Mom, yeh cigarette company walle bhi kitne pagal hain na (Aren't these cigarette company guys crazy?) They've put a dirty photo on the packet and written 'Cigarette smoking is injurious to health'. After seeing this, why will anyone buy the packet??!!! They are ruining their own business..."

Mom: "!!!"

As you may have noticed, as I witness my 11 year old blossom into a person with her own thought process I almost always react the same way - !!!
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