Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Abhir

I woke him this morning and sang Happy Birthday to him...hugging him and holding him close. He heard me and smiled. Eyes closed, he kept smiling as the Birthday song was done and I began kissing him. 

A little later he came back to me and wanted another Birthday wish. "Say Happy Birthday to me again."

An hour later, as he got ready for the day-care, another Birthday wish demand. 

And in my mind, I've been 'wishing' since the day he was born.

6 years. Another milestone.

Last year, he turned five and I heaved a sigh of relief, thinking and thanking God that his struggles were finally over. But I was mistaken. My little boy was destined to fight his way through and another battle has begun. This one is already draining us of our energy. But it can't rob us of our optimism. We are fighters, and so is he. We will fight and we will triumph.

My words to him would simply be:

Kyun is kadar hairan tu
Mausam ka hai mahmaan tu
Duniya saji, tere liye
Khud ko zara pehchan tu

Tu dhoop hai
Chan se bikhar
Tu hai nadi
O bekhabar
Beh chal kahin,
Ud chal kahin
Dil khush jahan
Teri to manzil hai wahin!

As his favourite didi Rashmi says, "Recognise the potential of your child and KEEP THE FAITH!"

Happy Birthday meri jaan!

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