Friday, March 30, 2012

Red wine & Clooney on the telly

The scene is George Clooney has just finished a round of push ups and pull ups (shirtless, obviously) and has stepped out of the shower thereafter - a white turkey towel wrapped around his lower torso ... The only thought racing through my mind as I watched his rippling muscles was "Oh God! Please let that towel drop, please let that f*#&^%g towel drop!!!"

Phew! Wouldn't THAT sight actually complete the entire experience of Clooney on the telly and a potent almost-port Red Bhutanese wine by the bottle (depleting by the minute) being devoured in the cold climes of the mighy Himalayas???

Yes! And perhaps leave me wet in some unmentionable areas as well... Sigh! Clooney!!!
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