Friday, March 30, 2012


Intermittent giggles. A screech here and there. Gossip - who is 'hooked' with whom; boy friend chatter; who likes whom and who can't stand who. Laughter - full throated, loud and effervescent. Music, Dance, Karaoke. Food. Ice cream. Fun. Happiness.

When a bunch of the daughter's classmates threw her a farewell party (she's moving to another school), along with the sentimental video and the cards they'd made for her, they also spent a major part of the day having unadulterated FUN, the way all young, on-the-threshhold-of-teens should.

They clung together and shed tears, sang songs of friendships, dedications to their classmate of five years who is moving on, reminisced about the just-concluded exams and the idiosyncrasies of teachers...

I watched them my heart filled with an indescribable emotion. Perhaps I was recalling my own school days. Perhaps my friends. Perhaps lamenting the loss of rock solid friends in my here and now. Perhaps rejoicing in the knowledge of friends I know will remain mine forever. Perhaps hoping that my daughter forges such beautiful friendships where she goes next. Perhaps sad that she will be closing this chapter in her life. Perhaps sad also with the knowledge that she'll probably never meet the same bunch of girls again.

Life has a way of helping you cope. We all have a recovery process that kicks into action the minute we are faced with a situation. I know hers kicked in as soon as we closed the door bidding the last of her girlfriends good bye. "Now I am happy mom..." simply meant that she is now ready to move on, having officially bid goodbye to the bunch she'd known since she was 7.

I need to learn to let mine kick in too. Its high time.

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