Monday, February 27, 2012

Joy of Giving Card 22 - Avoid Plastic Bags Video

The Joy of Giving Card 22 that exhorts us to desist from using plastic bags for a week is very dear to me.

When I was a newly wed, we used to travel a lot. On one of our trips to Nagaland and Meghalaya, I found, to my horror, the beautiful landscape was on its way to near ruin due to mountains of plastic bags lying in heaps along the roads, hillsides, open fields etc.

The experience also made me take notice of similar conditions prevailing in the city we lived in then, (famously called the Singapore of the East) Vishakhapatnam. I was not content merely watching. So I took action.

I designed and got the husband to screen print (this was the mid-90s remember!) A 4 size posters that I (much to his chagrin - because he was my chauffeur) pasted across town - in stores, supermarkets, even the University bulletin board. I did not attempt to find out if it helped, but at the famous Nilgiris Supermarket that I frequented, I was told by the manager that it had helped and people were not taking plastic bags from them anymore.

Sometimes I like to think that it was the fervour of youth and the idealistic thought process that served as an inspiration, but today I know it wasn't. Over the years I have continued to follow the practise of minimal plastic bag use, and even inspired my mother to do the same.

To bring all my thoughts on the subject together, I have created this 4 minute video. It is an amateur effort to make a little difference.

I am sending copies of the video on a pen drive to both my children's schools. It would help if this message could be spread to become a movement.

It is afterall, our responsibility to ensure that the Earth can breathe long after we're gone!

Watch it and forward!

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