Tuesday, July 19, 2011


One morning, we're in the lift, going to drop him off for school at his designated bus stop. I hug him and say "I love you"

He hugs back and says " I love u too..."

And then the following conversation ensues:

Him: "Oh you're so hot..."

Me: "Yes... I am always hot..."

Him: "Not THAT kind of hot mom!"

Me: "What kind of hot are you talking about?"

Him: "Your-hand-is-like-fire...hot..."

Me: "That's the hot I meant too..."

Him: "No you didn't."

Me: "Okay ... So what kind of hot do you think I meant...?"

Ponders a minute and says: "I can't tell you. You won't understand. Its too deep..."


That evening I am picking my daughter from a friend's place and relate the incident to her. She laughs and says, "Oh my God! How did he know THAT hot?"

Me: "Which HOT?"

Her: "That one mom!!!!"

Me: "Which one? Tell me! Give me an example..."

Thinks and says: "Like we would say for an actress. She is so hot..."

Me: "What does that mean? Beautiful? Pretty? Cool?"

Her: "Not really" And I see her grinning...

Me: "You mean sexy?"

Her: "YES!"


Sometimes I wonder how many such !!!! I am going to report on my blog as my children grow up every minute and astound me with their ...errrr..... 'exposure'.....

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