Monday, January 3, 2011

Women thieves in Pune

Women in Red Salwar Kameez (long plait) and Green Salwar Kameez (bun) with the little girl in brown walk in to McDonald's, Mariplex, Kalyani Nagar, Pune at 14.19

The trio stand around the counter for many minutes, pretending to wait their turn. Eventually they do buy a burger

The Green woman and child come and stand where we are seated a minute or so after they enter. The person seated on the chair (inside the red frame) is me

In 5 minutes the trio is joined by another woman in a scarf. All three women are looking anxiously towards the area where I am seated

Woman in off white scarf talking to woman in Red Salwar Kameez seen clearly

14.28 - I am bent over serving the kids. My handbag hangs on the handle of the chair. Little girl walks in from the exit (where the woman in pink is standing)

In 5 seconds the little girl reaches for the bag looking towards the exit

In less than a second, she has the bag in her hands and is captured by the camera walking out of the exit
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