Sunday, May 10, 2009

Of death and Mother's Day

The last one month have been the most harrowing for us as a family. Apart from several deaths of people we knew intimately, we also experienced the death of two loved ones, the first for my children and irreplacable losses for Harish...first his maternal gran'ma and then his mom. 

Losing mom... There can't be a pain that parallels that feeling of sadness and numbness.

For my children, this was the first grandparent they have lost. While Abhir was shaken up by the sight of the departed soul (I hate the words 'dead body'), placed carefully in a freezer with a glass top, stationed at home, it was Oorja who stumped me with her reactions.

After the death of gran'ma, I spoke to amma on the phone, offering what seemed like lame words of comfort (I mean, who/what can possibly console you when you've lost your maa). Then, Oorja came on line and said, "Gran'ma, I am very sorry to hear that your mom died. You must be very sad."

These were not words we'd taught her. The words represented her 'own feelings'. I was so proud of my child that day!

13 days later, we were travelling towards our hometown to partake in the final rites of amma. 

Cut to yesterday. Mother's Day eve.

I speak to Oorja over the phone (as she vacations with her brother at her maternal gran'ma's place) and she says, "I am feeling very sad for Papa. Tomorrow is Mother's Day and he will miss gran'ma."

"Dear God!" I respond.  Such sensitivity!

Today, she called and sang me a song, promising me a 'gift' when we meet. I am so proud and so happy...Im counting my blessings today!

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