Friday, January 23, 2009

Birthday reminisces

Today I thought was a good day to collect my thoughts.

35 is a good mark to do so I think. I have thus far lived half my life, if I were to consider the average mortality rate of our country for women. I have thus far experienced half of what makes me the human being I am. 

And what momentous joyous years these thirty five have been!

Marked by love and success; some heart break, but a lot of lessons; some sadness, but also a lot of joy; some failures, but also a lot of acceptance of who I really am....

My battles: As a teenager, wife, a new mother, a woman and most importantly as ME...

My joys: As a girl looking for a father figure, as a woman in love, as a mother, as a woman....

My failures and my successes.....

At 35 I am content.

I have a wonderful family, a life partner without whom this life would be meaningless, adorable and adoring kids, a soul mate who gives me wings to fly, a career that I have built from a scratch, with my hard work and determination, and a life that is wholesome and complete.

I wanted to thank all the wonderful people who make my life worth the joy it is...each and everyone who has influenced me with their love, support, unstinting faith and friendship.

I love all of you and THANK you for being who you are!

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