Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Should I message?

I am down with the Viral and have been given (God sent time??) to relax after a hectic month.

I have caught up and read all the blogs I wanted to. Even read a lot of the Fun Wall posts my friends have been sending me on FaceBook. (Yup! I wasn't checking them either!!!) Until now, I'd not given due attention to all the applications on FB and finally did that as well!

On a lark I thought I would look for somebody through the Friend Finder. And it was easier than I thought. I found him...on top of the list of profiles, with a photograph that was clearly him, only 15 years older!

His profile is 'Private' and therefore, I know nothing about him. I am so tempted to send him a "Hey" message.

Even discussed it with hubby who thinks its a bad idea. Because we have been estranged for the past 15 odd years and it will seem odd to him, that I am trying to initiate contact with him after the lapse of all this time.

And its not just the lapse of time. It also has to do with the bad blood that has flown between our two families, over this last decade and a half.

He is my first cousin and the son of my dad's older brother who cheated my father off his life's earnings in one single shot... (Wrote about it when I first started blogging dated Oct 9, 2003).

Its not about forgiving or forgetting. Somehow, I feel life is too short to hold grudges forever and we should all move on!

Somehow, seeing a thumbnail profile picture has brought many memories, mostly good ones. He was my Guru in my growing years, since he is just three months my senior. Taught me what I know about music... We were close, and during summer holidays, or wedding celebrations, virtually inseperable. "Thick as thieves" my mom would say!

We have shared several good times together .... Isn't it sad that I can't just open his "Message" window and write to him?

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