Friday, October 16, 2015

A conversation with Dad

Dad called me the other day, as he usually does. I was sounding tired and truth be told, I have been working long hours lately. We had the following conversation, produced verbatim:

"You're sounding tired. You should take it easy."

"Yes Pa, I will."

"You're not young beta... By the time you get to my age, you will be burned out."


"You're already 42. At your age, you should let up."

"Im not 42!..."


"My birthday is in January, and until then no one can say Im 42. Im 41 till then..."

"Oh ho... (laughing uproariously).. Ok... You're 41 but you have to learn to take it easy."

This conversation is so special to me because my dad is not the kind who likes to 'encourage' laziness or tardiness... To him, work is worship and it surprised me to hear him tell me to take it easy...which also means I am doing something right... 

From being reprimanded by him as a child for reading too many books and having too much fun, I have finally graduated to being his prodigal daughter. 

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