Friday, June 6, 2014

Where do I go?

Where do I go?

I have a daughter to raise
A life to live
Dreams to be fulfilled

I want to soar
to party till late, and travel the world
and go for a run at 11 pm when I want to
I want her to wear what she wants
want her to fly
and feel like a 'person' not a 'girl'
everywhere she goes..

I want freedom
For her and for me

Where do I go?

The streets are not safe
Women, girls and even little babies
Are being raped
night and day

Will she be safe even with a male friend?
Will she be able to fight the lascivious species that pose as men?
Will she, the sweet mannered child that she is,
comprehend the sickness of the mind
whose hand's groping her bum
or squeezing a boob
on public transportation
or inside that sanctum where we went to find God?

Where do I go
to find us a safe haven
far away from this deranged,
uncivilised world?

Where do I go
To raise a happy girl
who blossoms into a happy woman
And learns to trust and love

Where in this whole goddamned world do I go?

*Total disgust and disillusionment with the way the female kind is treated across the world made me ramble so...

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