Sunday, January 5, 2014


Is it important that the people you meet, the people you have brief encounters with must mean something to you? 

Like an important element in your quest for truth, like the interactions that answer all your questions about living, life, happiness and peace, like finding that one person who sets the example of what you might want to become ?????? 

Or can all your travels, your journeys be just about the joy of doing it - without an inner or a hidden meaning, without becoming the answer to your quest - either for truth or happiness? 

Why is it that I need a "reason" to do what I am doing? 

Can I not travel without thinking that I may gain something at the end of it? 

Can my travel not be for a purpose other than the purpose of the sheer joy I could get being happy - without a rhyme or a reason, without a purpose, without thinking that I HAVE to be happy because of where I am, without even hoping that the journey I am making brings me anything more than a good night's sleep, not happiness or peace or even satisfaction.  Maybe the journey brought me more turmoil, more sadness or more craziness. Does it mean that it served its purpose? Or am I too conditioned - to strain myself to look for a meaning, a direction or an indication for every single thing I do? 

Can not the joy of doing nothing also be a joy?
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