Monday, October 1, 2012

Joy of Giving Week is back

The Joy of Giving week starts tomorrow, October 2nd.

Many cynical people do ask, how will it help to spread joy for just one week, just as the the act of switching lights off for one hour during Earth Hour invokes very adverse reactions from people... To them all I say, "At least do it for one week/hour..."

During the Joy of Giving week, NGOs, corporates and individuals like you and me reach out to those not as privileged as us to spread the message of hope and joy... Its not much I agree, but its a small baby step in the right direction and for that, it gets my full support.

Last year we had organised a Day Out for patients of Ataxia in Pune. What a feeling it was to see those who had not stepped out of their homes for simple pleasures like watching a movie in almost 10 years!

This year, I am supporting a few JoG exercises from the outside due to work pressures. But have resolved to continue following the JoG cards here on Vivify and keep my children in touch with their humane side too.

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