Sunday, March 28, 2010

The day I decided HURT is just another FOUR Letter Word

It hurt. No doubt it did. The memory of that incident that I'd been repressing all these years, as it came back to me, left me wounded. My heart broke. Again. Then I resolved and wrote the following:

The day I decided that HURT
is just another four letter word
I was liberated
from an endless cycle of
playing victim
who sobbed herself to sleep
who wished the world would stop
and listen to her woes
place a caring hand on her shoulder
kiss her fears away

I let go
Of the glint in my eyes
that screamed I am a victim
love me
care for me
pity me
LOOK at me!

Look at what he did to me
Look at how he changed my life
Look at how he altered my future
Pity pity pity!
Revenge sounded sweet too
Hate him
Indict him
Ruin him
Make him pay the price

No more!
Forgiveness may take time
But retribution and hurt
won't touch me any more
I am free....
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