Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A plea

Its not easy
To recognise and accept
that the love we shared
is not there anymore

The respect, the adulation
the fascination and admiration
lies buried deep
under piles of complaints
unfulfilled wishes
egoistic manipulations
unhealthy irritations
Unreachable, unrecoverable

Expectations - What you are
What you are not
What I wish you could be
What I wish we could be
- Dissatisfaction brews
simmering in the dark throes
of our souls

The connection and bond
lies severed
bleeding incessantly
revealing a gash so extreme
that the finest soothing words
fail to be medicative

Should we not end this charade?
This farcical 'happiness' ?
Who are we fooling?
Ourselves or those around us???

Take that step towards liberty my dear
For I lack the will to
do what is good for both of us..........

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